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We all have a history to tell and the best way to tell it is through our photos. Looking back over old photographs, reminiscing about days gone by, remembering people you were close to, all those memories contained in the rectangle of a single photograph. Today our photos are digital, stored on websites and social media networks, we no longer have those books of memories sitting on our shelves at the touch of a hand. Those moments of sitting together, fighting for a better view of the album are gone. Or are they?

Born and raised in Ballarat, Nigel Stevens took his first photo with a Milo tin in primary school and has been hooked on photography (and Milo) ever since. His great passion in photography is finding and capturing the emotion in a photo whether it be people, old grungy buildings or a lane way. And it’s always a buzz for him when a client wants something different or quirky. Quirky is great! A real challenge for creativity and flair.

When Nigel is not holding a camera he is enjoying time with his family, or walking the dog. He often ponders why Dads always end up feeding and walking the family pet, despite the promises the kids make when they beg for a new puppy. And while he is pondering he is out enjoying one of Ballarat’s great cafés or restaurants. And it’s these times in life that are special, and often go unnoticed, and uncaptured. They are the family moments that seem mundane and routine, yet in years to come the children will look back fondly on those walks, those meals, those precious moments that will come and go so quickly.


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